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HAGA CLIC AQUÍ 2008 Toyota Hiace - $13,000

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  • 8 septiembre, 9:01 AM
  • Holguín
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Car has been license for Cuba already, waiting at the Virginia Gateway Seaport Car Warehouse for a Transfer of ownership from Diplomat to the buyer.

Awaiting container rent fee and Inspection fee.

Currently two documents are left of which will help to legalize the Car in Cuba under the buyers’ name;

1) Container receipt

2) Inspection approval form (Bahamas)

The two documents mention above must proclaim the name of the buyer to help legalize the Car in Cuba.

Buyer should be ready to rent a container and pay for inspection when the Cargo ship arrive Bahamas to Cuba.

Car available at United States PRICE RATE: $ 14,995 OR 14,995 CUC

Container Fee is: 850$ OR 850 CUC

Inspection Fee is: 350$ OR 350 CUC

$1200 upfront
$14,995 COD (Cash On Delivery)

Buyers pay just 1200$ upfront and pay the rest amount in Cuba. 99% guaranteed and clients satisfactions is my top priority.

Container fee and inspection must be paid upfront because without these, the Car cannot be shipped.

If a Buyer who doesn't TRUST but wishes to verify before making the payment of 1200$ upfront, he or she is invited to come at the Virginia Gateway Seaport to see the Car before paying the 1200$ upfront.

Buyers who are Cuban Citizen are eligible to sell the Car at Cuban price rate.

I am an American I have been working at the U.S. Embassy for two years just came back for vacation and also have a part time Job with a construction company in New York as an HR Director. I am unable to sell at Cuban price rate therefore; interested Cubans both in United States and in Cuba or elsewhere contact me for business.

I am also capable to buy a particular Car to meet up with customer needs and ship to Cuba any time.
What i do is, when the car gets to Cuba, during the license registration process to legalize the car in cuba according to the cuban government offices,we shall privately hold a meeting to negotiate with top cuban government officials presenting my documents of DIPLOMATIC AUTHORITY SHIPPING SYSTEM to gain their approval for the car to be registered under the cuban licensing law , and after completing the procedures, the car ownership documents will be transferred to your name as a gift from me. I will also give you one week as guarantee to test the car around Cuba so as to confirm its legality and car properties if perfect as arranged before you pay me for the car either by installment or fully.

And as we ship any car into Cuba using the Diplomatic shipping system in which the car is being transported in to Cuba on behalf of the buyer, we usually pay a tax called Diplomatic shipping tax to maintain the authority of shipping anything in to Cuba, until now i have an authorized certificate of Diplomatic shipping system to ship any car in to Cuba. No person has the link to do this without an authorized support.

Contact me via

Call me at: +1 (929) 383-0415
Company whatsapp me via: +1 (929) 383-0415


I carried out a research on this classified Revolico and realized, some non Cubans are claiming of importing and selling Cars at Cuban price rate also, some do not go further to mention their process of importation, please don't fall for it, some will fraud with you. The only means to legalize a Car under a buyers name in Cuba is the presentation of a container receipt and inspection appraisal form.

please is an advise, some Car dealers will successfully import your Car into Cuba and hand the keys to you take your money without legalizing the Car, while the Buyer will be unable to drive the Car freely or obtain a number plate for his/her car. Please beware.


  • Precio: $13,000
  • Marca: Toyota
  • Tipo de motor: Diesel
  • Caja: Automática
  • Año de Fabricación: 2008
  • Kilometraje: 47438
  • Etiquetas: Aire acondicionado

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